What is PUZZLE framework?

PUZZLE’s novel approach of providing cybersecurity services through a marketplace, easy to adopt and deploy within SMEs&MEs network and computational infrastructure, leads to a bigger picture of improved readiness and responsiveness of SMEs&MEs in the areas of security, privacy, threats management, and personal data protection.

The PUZZLE framework is going to identify and track the relationships among the cyber assets of each SME or ME, considering the available network, compute and storage infrastructure and use them to efficiently calculate individual, cumulative and propagated risks, as well as recommend and apply mitigation actions for tackling identified cyber threats.

PUZZLE aims to employ highly usable cybersecurity, privacy and data protection management framework in two directions: SMEs&MEs and Cybersecurity providers.

What is the PUZZLE Validation Contest?

The PUZZLE Validation Contest is a funded Open Call that will award selected applicants with a grant of 10.000€ in order to connect their systems and services to the PUZZLE framework, in order to verify its application, functioning and design at this stage of development. The validation contest will assist in starting the services uptake and testing of the PUZZLE Marketplace by gathering feedback from interested parties.

Who is the PUZZLE call for?

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Micro Enterprises (SMEs&MEs) who deal with cybersecurity, privacy and personal data protection, can submit proposals at the PUZZLE Validation Contracts contest. PUZZLE is looking for:

  1. 10 European SMEs (adopters) to connect their systems to the PUZZLE marketplace and test the ability of the PUZZLE framework to meet their cybersecurity and data protection needs.
  2. 5 cybersecurity vendors to connect their services to the PUZZLE marketplace to validate the ability of the adopters to browse and select cybersecurity and data protection services that suit their needs; and test the ability of the PUZZLE framework to deploy these services.

Before applying, read the PUZZLE Guidelines For Applicants and check out the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Validation Contest Timeline